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5 SEO Tips For Big City Business

Posted on: June 30th, 2014 by wayne No Comments

Every business with a website should make search engine optimization a top priority. Any big city business that gets customers or clients locally coming into their location such as a local restaurant, retail store, dentist, lawyer, etc., should have a strong local SEO strategy. (more…)

3 Things Every Website Must Have

Posted on: June 29th, 2014 by wayne No Comments

Random web searches will quickly bring up many websites that are pretty bad in terms of appearance and design. Other than appearance, there are a number of elements that must be included in the development of a website to ensure it becomes a success. Although web development and design is an intensive process, below is a list of 3 things every website must have to achieve online success. (more…)

How to Decide: Web App or Mobile App

Posted on: June 28th, 2014 by wayne No Comments

Apps are applications that are downloaded and installed on a mobile device rather than being acquired within a browser.  If your online business goal is interactive user engagement or to provide an application that needs to work much like a computer program than a website, then you will likely want an App. (more…)

Refreshing Your Website? 3 Things to Consider

Posted on: June 27th, 2014 by wayne No Comments

There are many reasons why a business should refresh their website. Refreshing an existing website offers an opportunity to enhance and improve a business online presence. As well, fresh content improves search rankings, fresh updated material appeals to readers, new information helps to gain a competitive edge over other in the same marketplace, fresh content helps with marketing efforts, and updates encourages other websites to link to the fresh, updated content. (more…)

3 Facts About Mobile App Dvlpmt

Posted on: June 26th, 2014 by wayne No Comments

Mobile application development is currently among the hottest market segments. No matter the size and products or services being offered, mobile apps are fast becoming a part of just about every type of business today. For enterprise of all types and sizes, apps have become an essential way to keep their customers engaged as well as generating new customers because they are reminders to bring them to their product or service. And, if an app becomes successful in the  market, it can be a steady revenue generator. However, there are 3 important facts you should know about mobile app development before wading into this hot market. (more…)

5 Tips To Ensure Your SEO And Content Strategies Work Together

Posted on: June 21st, 2014 by wayne No Comments

One of the major changes with search engine optimization (SEO) is the growth of content marketing. SEO and content development have the same strategic relationship which is to attract more targeted users, and both need to work together to achieve that common goal.  In other words, content marketing should be part of your SEO strategy. (more…)

The Good & Bad of Mobile App Advertising

Posted on: June 19th, 2014 by wayne No Comments

Today, more online marketers are taking advantage of mobile advertising opportunities due to the ever increasing consumer adoption of mobile devices. Advertisers can reach an ever expanding audience using mobile phones and tablets through mobile apps. Many marketers call this the era of ‘appvertising.’ Mobile app advertising has changed the mobile advertising game as these apps have had a significant impact on web marketers and the trend will continue. (more…)

Massive Giveaway!

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4 Strategies for Working With Designers Without Killing Each Other

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Loved this article! Check it out:

Check Out Our Latest Website!

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We are in the process of completing the finishing touches on our latest project – Go to the website to check it out, or view it on our portfolio page.